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    Somendra Harsh

    Founder/CEO/Director - RIFF

    Owner of Ash Group ( started in 2003, which offers complete solutions of IT and Media and PR concerned works. Hes enriched with more then 15+ years of experience as founder of ASH Group, which received THE BIZZ 2010 Award and Danik Bhaskar MSME Awards 2011 and Business & Service Excellence Award 2012. In March 2012, started own publication named SIMPLY JAIPUR - first Bi Lingual (Hindi-English) Life Style monthly magazine in year 2012 and Voice of Jaipur - Life Stule Weekly Newspaper now in the year 2013, and Also Founder of RIFF FILM CLUB , begins RIFF - Rajasthan International Film Festival. With the launch of RIFF 2015 , he promises more variety, more movies, greater entertainment and insight to the international cinematic world. As a International Jury participated in International Film Festival globally and also Started Nepal-India Friendship Film Festival in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2017

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    Anshu Harsh

    Founder & Director - RIFF

    As an owner/editor, she’s running first bi-lingual (Hindi-English) life style monthly magazine named “SIMPLY JAIPUR” which started in March 2012 on Women’s Day. SIMPLY JAIPUR, a lifestyle magazine circulated in Jaipur,Rajasthan and PAN India , has been consistently recognized by its readers for its unique name and quality design. She’s got more then 8+ years of experience in writing as a freelancer in different national leading news papers and magazines. She’s received 95 FM Tadka's Women Recognition Awards in 2014 in the field of managerial excellence for title of Corporate Diva and also awarded with RANA Calgiri Canada 2014 Awards.